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53-55А, Chervonoarmiys'ka str., Kyiv 
"Olimpiyska" metro station




Parking Rules

  1. A vehicle with trailer cannot drive in the parking area.

  2. Only vehicles are allowed with the mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes and the height not exceeding 2 meters at the underground parking.

  3. The stop at the barrier is not allowed.

  4. The distance not less than 2 meters must be kept while drive in and out the parking area.

  5. Pedestrian traffic is not allowed on the ramps.

  6. Only enter and exit from parking area is allowed on the pedestrian path.

  7. Road markings and signs requirements must be obeyed at the parking area.

  8. The regular users’ places are marked with the orange light beacon. The single category clients are not allowed to occupy such places.

  9. The single category clients have the right to occupy any free place which are marked with the green light beacon.

  10. AccordingtoArt. 30 LawofUkraine "OnthePrinciplesofSocialProtectionoftheDisabledinUkraine” 10 percent of the parking places on the underground parking are provided to park special vehicles of disabled. The disabled people use these places to park special vehicles free of charge. Such places are marked with the blue light beacon and the sign “Disabled” on the roadway.

  11. The drive in and out of the parking area is carried out with the help of special parking cards or parking tickets.

  12. The contract is not drawn up with the single category clients, they can use the parking service according to the parking ticket.


  1. At the parking site it is forbidden to:

  • carry out any type of commercial and other activities, without written approval and contract with the Company;

  • arrange meetings, advertising and marketing campaigns, conduct surveys and data collection in any other way without written notification and consent of the Company;

  • stick (set up) posters, billboards, announcements, different materials of advertising or propaganda content without written permission of the Company;

  • block passages and exits from the underground parking area;

  • leave (park) cars with leaking fuels and lubricants;

  • use open flame as a light source in order to warm up the engine;

  • use caustic, too fragrant, dirty, flammable and other harmful substances;

  • fix or wash vehicles;

  • make fire;

  • self-towingortrailing without the permission of an authorized representative of the Company;

  • handing over tickets/parking tickets to third parties, exchange them to any other parking tickets from third parties, use the services offered by third parties to exchange parking tickets;

  • drink alcohol;

  • smoke.

  1. Should any questions arise while parking feedback service for customersis provided by duty operator with pushing the button on the check-in desk.

  2. ParkingAdministrationContactDetails. – (044) 392-07-78.

  3. The client automatically agrees on Parking Rules while using the parking service.